laser Acupuncture


Laser Acupuncture

At Chung Institute we offer laser acupuncture.  We use an infrared laser from Germany.  The treatment is painless and considered extremely safe.


What are the advantages of the laser?

It is painless.  It has special frequencies that allow us to more effectively treat dental scars and treat acupuncture points on the ear.

Our laser can also augment wound healing.  We have effectively treated unhealing wounds, and ulcers with our laser.

What are disadvantages of the laser acupuncture versus needle acupuncture?

The main disadvantages are time and cost. It takes us a few seconds to place a needle in an acupuncture point whereas it can take up to a full minute for a single point with a laser.  When the laser is administered on a acupuncture point where a needle has already been placed (this is called hybrid laser acupuncture) there is less time needed with the laser. 

Also the laser only penetrates about one inch, hence for deeper tissues such as the back and buttocks, it can be less effective.

When do you use laser exclusively?

Mainly in children or adults who are afraid of acupuncture needles.

Why do you use it in combination?

We have found that certain types of problems simply respond much faster and more completely when both therapies are employed. Combining conventional ear acupuncture with laser ear acupuncture with treatment of scars in the mouth/teeth can have profound effects that are difficult to obtain with one therapy alone. The nominal additional cost of laser therapy to the acupuncture treatment considerably reduces the number of treatments needed to affect a lasting resolution to the problem.