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Symptoms Sometimes Flare Up

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Even stories with happy endings sometimes have bumps in the road. They can happen any time. After I started school in January, I started to feel a little off my game. Sure, I was working part time and volunteering at school several hours per week but I was more than tired. On occasion, my legs… Read More

Olivia’s Story: Walkers, Pain and Lyme

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Lifetime of doctors visits Olivia has always been a special person. She has dealt with different medical challenges from the time she was a little kid. Asthma was the normal kid challenge but she had unique challenges too. She has a long list of food allergies which really makes meals a challenge. She was born… Read More

My Story: MS, Lyme, Canes & Marathons

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“Wow, you look great! I hear you’re running marathons now. That’s incredible.”    “Oh my gosh! It’s so good to see you. I heard you’re back to work! How wonderful!”  I have heard both of the comments above in just the past week. They’re not surprising. I have conversations that begin similarly with anyone who… Read More

Megan’s Story: Migraines

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Megan started having migraines that wouldn’t go away. Medicine didn’t help. The Chung Institute found she was gluten sensitive.