Auricular Ozone Insufflation

General Information

Many individuals have found it beneficial to irrigate the ear canal with the ozone / oxygen mixture from a medical ozone generator.
Particular advantages of ear ozone therapy:

  • Helps treat head related symptoms: allergies, mold and yeast infections, sore throats, swollen glands, brain fog.
  • Simple to administer

Treatment Protocol

Treatment schedule depends on the disease of the patient, and the effect on each individual patient. This therapy should not be performed more than once per day, and in most cases is performed 1-3 times per week.
Patients should individually modify the treatment protocol depending on their reaction. If any discomfort, redness, or “chapping” occurs, it is suggested that the patient increase the length of time between treatments, and decrease the ozone concentration coming from the ozone generator.

"My wife went to Dr. Brobyn with an extremely rare and difficult case. Dr. Brobyn and her staff were amazing! They never gave up, when other doctors did. They truly care about their patients and never stop trying."

- Troy S.

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