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Gianna’s Story: Eczema

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Gianna had eczema as a young child but by the time she was in middle school, it was sore, painful and conventional medicine was unable to help manage it. After visits to pediatricians, dermatologists and allergists, she went to the Chung Institute and found the answers she was looking for.

Oliver’s Story: Allergies, Infections & Nickel

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Oliver was a healthy, thriving baby for the first year and a half of his life, hitting all of the regular developmental milestones. He was focused and mild tempered. His mom, Danielle, chose to be as natural and wholesome as possible with his food so she nursed and when he started eating, she made her… Read More

Symptoms Sometimes Flare Up

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Even stories with happy endings sometimes have bumps in the road. They can happen any time. After I started school in January, I started to feel a little off my game. Sure, I was working part time and volunteering at school several hours per week but I was more than tired. On occasion, my legs… Read More

Olivia’s Story: Walkers, Pain and Lyme

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Lifetime of doctors visits Olivia has always been a special person. She has dealt with different medical challenges from the time she was a little kid. Asthma was the normal kid challenge but she had unique challenges too. She has a long list of food allergies which really makes meals a challenge. She was born… Read More

My Story: MS, Lyme, Canes & Marathons

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“Wow, you look great! I hear you’re running marathons now. That’s incredible.”    “Oh my gosh! It’s so good to see you. I heard you’re back to work! How wonderful!”  I have heard both of the comments above in just the past week. They’re not surprising. I have conversations that begin similarly with anyone who… Read More

Megan’s Story: Migraines

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Megan started having migraines that wouldn’t go away. Medicine didn’t help. The Chung Institute found she was gluten sensitive.