Major Autohemotherapy

General Information

Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT) is a treatment that involves drawing about half a pint of blood into a closed sterile bag to which medical grade ozone is added. This mixture is then returned to the body over a period of 10-12 minutes. Major autohemotherapy is considered safe and effective. Over a million treatments have been used in Europe over the past several decades and demonstrated to be extremely safe.


  • Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells
  • Ozone stimulates increased levels of Interferon levels
  • Ozone stimulates the production of Tumor necrosis Factor
  • Ozone kills bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses
  • Ozone is antineoplastic
  • Ozone makes red blood cells more elastic and flexible
  • Ozone improves mitochondrial function and efficiency


Major autohemotherapy therefore is useful in treating refractory infections due to chronic lyme disease, chronic mold and fungal infections, and chronic viral infections.

It has powerful effects on wound healing and healing of injured tissues.

It has anti-inflammatory effects as well. It has general powerful healing effects that make it worth considering as an anti-aging therapy.


Is MAHT painful?
The IV catheters are placed with a tiny local anaesthetic and hence hurts no more than having your blood drawn.

Is there any chance for my blood to clot in or outside my body?
The patient is given a small dose of heparin and the blood that is drawn is also mixed with a small amount of heparin enough to keep the blood from clotting.

How often will I need the treatment?
Depending on the severity and type of clinical problem, the treatments are administered 1 to 3 times a week. A typical course of treatment may be 6 weekly or biweekly treatments.

“Without Dr. Chung’s help, I think I would have been on chronic disability from my fibromyalgia”

- Debbie ICU nurse

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