Oliver’s Story: Allergies, Infections & Nickel

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Oliver was a healthy, thriving baby for the first year and a half of his life, hitting all of the regular developmental milestones. He was focused and mild tempered. His mom, Danielle, chose to be as natural and wholesome as possible with his food so she nursed and when he started eating, she made her own baby food.

When he was about 18 months old, Danielle noticed Oliver starting to develop dark circles under his eyes. He had frequent colds, seasonal allergies and recurring ear infections with fevers. He had bronchitis and would have frequent bouts of pink eye; sometimes in both eyes. He was almost always sick. 

Danielle took him to an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) and pediatric optometrist. The doctors would treat Oliver’s symptoms but no one was able to explain why he was sick so frequently or why he wasn’t getting better. Between 18-23 months he was in the emergency room (ER) three times with fevers of up to 107 degrees.

The third ER visit happened when Danielle was in labor with Oliver’s younger brother, Julian. Right after giving birth, Danielle went to the ER to be with Oliver. He wasn’t eating, had a double ear infection, bronchitis, and pink eye. She spent 12 hours with him while the hospital staff probed, pricked, and tested him for everything, trying to figure out what was going on. They left the emergency room with no new information, no reason why he was sick.

Remembering a story about a special doctor

Before Danielle had any children, she heard a story that stuck with her. A coworker’s son became injured playing sports and despite the best care, he couldn’t heal. Doctors suggested surgery. Danielles’s coworker took her son to the Chung Institute before consenting to surgery. Dr. Chung treated him then he was able to continue his sports career without surgery. That story stuck with Danielle. She knew she would visit Dr. Chung before she would consent to surgery for any of her kids. Oliver was going to visit Dr. Chung.

Nickel Sensitivity

The first visit with Dr. Chung did not disappoint. After he examined Oliver, Dr. Chung explained that Oliver was sensitive to nickel and air born allergens. He thoroughly discussed nickel sensitivity and the nickel free diet with Danielle. He prescribed some supplements as part of his treatment plan. Danielle followed it the plan perfectly.



Oliver started to look better just one month after following the treatment plan. Within three months he was back to being a perfect, healthy baby boy. Oliver’s ears were clear and he hadn’t had any infections. A year and a half went by without so much as a sniffle.


This spring Oliver had a big allergy flare up. His pediatrician prescribed a steroid nasal spray and two other medications. Danielle really wanted to avoid those medications so she returned to the Chung Institute. Oliver was treated for nickel and seasonal allergies with LDI’s and supplements in the office and he continues those therapies at home.

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Oliver is thriving since he’s been on the current treatment plan. He can do things he wasn’t able to do before his allergy treatments at the Chung Institute like visit his grandmothers house. Cats had always been a big trigger for his allergies and his grandmother has two cats. He would sneeze and become stuffy whenever he was around them. His eyes would swell shut and his face would get puffy so a visit to grandmas would mean he’d feel sick. After starting the therapies Dr. Chung prescribed he was able to visit grandma’s and even have a sleepover her house. He came home symptom free.

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