Ozonated Olive Oil

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Ozonated Olive Oil is used around the world for a variety of uses: acne, skin lesions, burns, fungal infections (eg. Of the toe nail), herpes, eczema, leg sores, bed sores, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, STD’s, cold sores, and many others.
This appears to be the only way to stabilize ozone without adding artificial stabilizers, chemicals, or preservatives. Ozone is bubbled at very high concentrations, under a controlled environment for days until it slowly begins to solidify. This solid form of olive oil forms a Vaseline or salve like substance and will keep for many months on the shelf. If kept refrigerated, it maintains its full effectiveness almost indefinitely.
In our center we have already seen remarkable results in severe burns, skin infections, skin ulcers, mouth ulcers, poorly healing wounds from dental procedures.


We believe it to be one of the most useful first aid creams for infections, burns, wounds, scrapes, almost anything ailing the superficial area of the body. Therefore we recommend it to be useful to have in the house kept in the refrigerator as a first aid ointment.

"My wife went to Dr. Brobyn with an extremely rare and difficult case. Dr. Brobyn and her staff were amazing! They never gave up, when other doctors did. They truly care about their patients and never stop trying."

- Troy S.

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