Ozonated Water

General Information

Ozonated Water is produced by bubbling medical grade ozone into distilled or reverse-osmosis water for approximately 20 minutes. The ozone remains dissolved in to solution for a short time approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Two to four ounces of ozonated water is ingested by mouth.

Benefits of Ozonated Water

  • Cleanses the upper GI tract. Potentially reduces chronic viruses and bacteria in stomach
  • Small amounts of the ozone is absorbed systemically and hence has similar benefits of other systemic ozone treatment
  • Patients note improvement of gastero-intestinal conditions, and improved sense of well being
  • Helps reduce sore throat and laryngitis symptoms
“I had severe asthma requiring chronic prednisone. I am off all my meds and lost 20 pounds. I hardly ever need any medications at all.”

- school administrator

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