Patient Testimonials

Rick B.

After suffering decades of chronic pain in my cervical spine and daily headaches, I made an appointment with the Chung Institute. I met with Dr. Tracy Brobyn, who mapped out a program of integrative medicine, combining detoxification, acupuncture, and injections specifically designed for my condition. Within three visits, I went from a pain level of 10, to zero. No more headaches. Dr. Brobyn and her competent staff have given me back the active, pain free life I thought I had lost.

Patricia A.

"I came to Dr.Brobyn to relieve extreme muscle pain cause by an intolerance to statins and to reduce the amount of daily pain medication. Treatment has virtually erased the muscle pain. In addition my overall feeling of well being has been greatly increased and my bimonthly cycle of sinus infections halted."


"I was diagnosed with MS. Dr. Chung diagnosed me with Lyme disease and treated me. I am now completely better."


“I was bed ridden with excruciating total body pains for three months, no one could find out the problem. Dr. Chung quickly diagnosed and treated the problem and cured me within 4 visits”

Debbie, ICU nurse

“Without Dr. Chung’s help, I think I would have been on chronic disability from my fibromyalgia”


“I had severe chronic hives requiring chronic steroids. I was miserable. Dr. Chung resolved the problem."

School Administrator

“I had severe asthma requiring chronic prednisone. I am off all my meds and lost 20 pounds. I hardly ever need any medications at all.”

Cardiology Physician Assistant

“I had severe spinal stenosis and was recommended back surgery. Dr. Chung has helped me tremendously. I no longer need back surgery”

Robert Seifring M.D. Obstetrician

“He fixed my chronic shoulder problem”

Debbie K. (wife of a gasteroenterologist)

“I had such bad IBS for over two years that I was afraid to go out of the house a lot of times… Dr. Chung cured me with two visits.”


“I send Dr. Chung, some of my most difficult dermatologic cases”

Cooper Cardiologist

“Dr. Chung helped one of my most difficult patients with crippling intractable chest pain”

Editor Courier Post

“Dr. Chung fixed my difficult back problem with only a few visits”

Corporate Professional

“Dr. Chung is a master. I have sent numerous patients with very difficult problems who have dramatically and quickly resolved their problems.”

Justin L. — Composer/Music Educator

"After years battling chronic Lyme disease, Dr. Brobyn put my illness into remission in only a matter of months. Her abilities as a physician often border the line between medicine and magic. The depth of her knowledge is nothing short of remarkable."

Troy S.

"My wife went to Dr. Brobyn with an extremely rare and difficult case. Dr. Brobyn and her staff were amazing! They never gave up, when other doctors did. They truly care about their patients and never stop trying."

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