Prolozone Therapy

General Information

Prolozone is a unique form of therapy using prolotherapy technique and principals combined with an injection of a few cc’s of ozone.

After having performed numerous standard prolotherapy injections for the past 10 years, we have found that the addition of ozone to the injections have greatly augmented the effect of the therapy. The ozone appears to have both an immune modulatory effect as well as a general healing regenerative effect. For example, when injected into the knee joint, the patient has far less subsequent soreness and better and deeper healing.
Also because it has also powerful anti-microbial effects, it has powerful effects on any kind of soft tissue infections such as tooth abscesses.

Indications and uses of prolozone therapy

  • Chronic degenerative joint problems
  • Chronic knee or shoulder joint pain: we have saved many patients from premature joint replacement
  • Chronic degenerative spinal disease: chronic back or neck pain
  • Chronic sacroiliac arthritis
  • Other smaller joints: ankle, wrist
  • Chronic tendon problems: Chronic tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, etc
  • Chronic ankle sprain, neck sprain
  • Dental infections and scars:
    Tooth pain caused by an underlying infection can be treated with a short series of local ozone injections into the involved area. Often times, expensive and painful root canals can be avoided.
    Old dental scars from old root canal surgeries, wisdom tooth extractions, other tooth extractions can be effectively treated.
“Dr. Chung fixed my difficult back problem with only a few visits”

- Editor Courier Post

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