Rebecca W. Sabota
submitted: 11/ 2008

August 1994

Off to Nashville, Tennessee to perform some of my original songs in a New Talent
Showcase. I maintained a busy schedule taking care of my two children, Maggi
age 6 and Luke age 4 with the help of my supportive husband, Wayne. In addition, I enjoyed my job teaching elementary music at Seabrook School in Upper Deerfield Township, NJ. My trip to Nashville was a success. As a result, I had two songs published.

However, on my last day, I started to have flu-like symptoms and discovered a ring rash on my leg. Little did I know that my life would never be the same!

I was immediately treated for Lyme Disease by my primary physician, and eventually tested positive for the disease. However, instead of getting better, I continued to get worse. Within one month, I suffered from extreme fatigue, visual problems, excruciating headaches, joint pain, memory problems, ringing ears and slurred speech. I was unable to walk without holding onto things due to weakness and severe balance problems. In the months to come, I saw many specialists and was treated with several rounds of IV antibiotics to no avail. I eventually developed life threatening allergies to the medicine. I was later diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was treated for that disease for about a year.

June 1996 – Luke’s Kindergarten Graduation

I was forced to retire from the teaching position I loved. Just caring for my family was a monumental task. I was determined to keep my children’s lives as normal as possible. Because of my disability, we eventually moved to a totally accessible home.

Growing up, Maggie assisted me with administering shots and helping me with several rounds of physical therapy as I struggled to learn to walk. Years later, she was inspired to run for Miss Cumberland County and Miss New Jersey using Lyme Disease Prevention as her platform. She made over 40 appearances as Miss Cumberland County and wrote monthly articles for the Lyme Disease publication, National Public Heath Alert.

Memorial Day 1998 –
Although in constant pain, I attempted to get out as much as possible for the sake of my family. Maggie and Luke used to fight over who got to push Mom in the wheelchair!

In August 2007, I suffered the worst relapse to date. I was unable to walk at all and
became confined to a motorized wheelchair. I suffered from constant, excruciating head, and facial pain; I had difficulty speaking and concentrating. I had a tremor in my head and my hands were not functioning properly. I was unable to sit up unsupported for more than a few minutes. It was Luke’s senior year and I was devastated to have to miss his band competitions and Senior Year activities. Maggie, now a music major at Elizabethtown College, had several performances coming up as well. My doctors, including my neurologist, said that there was nothing they could do for me. Then my friend Kelly told me about Dr.Chung.

My first visit with Dr. Chung was October 1, 2007. It was a day of hope! He tested me and told me that he thought he could help me. When he treated me with acupuncture, the tremor in my head immediately improved. He discovered that mercury poisoning was contributing to my problems. He told me that I would feel worse before getting better. Dr Chung prescribed herbs to fight the Lyme disease and used chelation therapy for the mercury. In addition, he treated me with a KMT machine, a type of rife machine developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghard.

December 1998

I continued to visit Dr. Chung weekly. By December, though still in a motorized chair, I was getting stronger. I was able to go back to playing the piano for short periods of time. I also progressed to being able to walk a few steps with a walker. Dr Chung and his staff continually impressed me with their expertise, compassion and respect.

Gradually, I continued to improve. On April 1st, I wrote in my diary:
“The highlight of the day was the walk I took this evening. Spring is here in all its glory. Blossoming trees, colorful flowers, fragrant fresh air. To top it off I saw a bluebird- Zip a Dee do had!!!!!

I am back to doing the things I love –
Spending time with my family and friends;
Teaching piano lessons;
Hiking with my husband Wayne;
Directing my church choir standing

My FAITH, FAMILY AND FRIENDS are the most important things to me. I am grateful for all of you who have helped me along the way. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that I serve an extraordinary God who holds me and my family in the palm of His hand.

Celebrate Life!

(Post script May 2013, Rebecca has continued to remain healthy for the past 5 years and has required only occasional follow up few times a year)

October 2007 –
My 54th Birthday;
I was unable to walk or sit up unsupported. My friends and family stopped by to cheer me up.


June 2008 –
Luke’s Graduation Cumberland Regional High school
Full Scholarship to Richard Stockton College

Celebrating my birthday with my wonderful family
Mother- in law, Vera, Wayne, Luke and Maggie

October 2008 – Hiking with Wayne at Parvin State Park