Vaginal Ozone Insufflation

General Information

A vaginal cannula is used to introduce the ozone gas to the patient. Unlike Rectal Insufflation, there is no risk of pressure buildup. The ozone concentration used is usually 25-30ug/ml, and the flow rate is usually 1/4LPM (liters per minute) or 1/8LPM. Treatment time is usually 5 – 15 minutes. The patient may lower the ozone concentration, and the duration of the treatment if any discomfort occurs. This treatment should not be performed more than once per day, and is usually only performed 2-3 times per week.

Indications for use

  • Whenever a system treatment of ozone is indicated
  • Especially useful for vaginal and vulvar problems such as persistent yeast infections, herpes infections, vulvodynia

Many women have reported relief from yeast infections and various sexually transmitted diseases including herpes. Many women also use this method as an alternative to rectal insufflation as it is theorized that the ozone not only affects the pelvic region, but also enters the general circulation causing a body wide effect. (We believe vaginal and rectal insufflation are equally effective for system effect)

“I was bed ridden with excruciating total body pains for three months, no one could find out the problem. Dr. Chung quickly diagnosed and treated the problem and cured me within 4 visits”

- Lawyer

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